Kuo-Chuan Pan (潘國全)ORCID iD icon

Associate Professor
Email: kuochuan.pan [at] gapp [dot] nthu [dot] edu [dot] tw
Vita: [pdf]

Research Interests:
Gravitational-wave astrophysics, Core-collapse supernovae (CCSN), neutrino physics, thermonuclear supernovae, novae, computational astrophysics, and high performance computing

Inhyeok Song (송인혁)

Ph.D. student
Email: ihsong[at]gapp[dot]

Research Interests:
Computational astrophysics, core-collapse supernovae

Li-Ting Ma (馬麗婷)

Ph.D. student

Research Interests:
Computational astrophysics, kilonova simulations

Former members

Date Name First/Current Position
2021.07 He-Feng Hsieh (postdoc) Postdoc at NCTS
2021.07 Shiau-Jie Rau (master) RA at NCTS / PhD student at UIUC
2021.07 Li-Ting Ma (master) Ph.D. student at NTHU
2022.01 Ting-Yuan Chen (master) Engineer at TSMC
2022.07 Yu-Hui Wang (master) Enginner at TSMC
2023.01 Hsin-Pei Chen (master) RA at NCTS / PhD student at UT Austin
2023.07 Hao-Sheng Wang (master) RA at NTHU / PhD student at U. Virginia

Joining us!

We are seeking motivated undergraduate/graduate students and postdocs to work with us on computational astrophysics. We especially welcome people with one or more of the following background: computational fluid dynamics, high performance computing, supernovae, and stellar physics.

Please contact Kuo-Chuan Pan for more information about our group.